Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OX-5 Blog

I expect there will be a few people interested in rebuilding an OX-5 but not my WACO project so I've created  another blog just for it and will post all my progress on the motor there.  As significant projects are accomplished I will post links to them here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I now have an OX-5 Motor

While at the Antique fly-in at Blakesburg John Swander stopped by my booth to check on the progress of this project.  He had acquired 2 OX-5 motors some parts and a radiator.  After a little discussion I purchased them for $2800.  The motor you can see in the door is the most complete and hopefully restoreable. The other motor is on the other side of the van.  The motor mount is believed to be for a Travel-Air as well as the radiator.
 The valves on the best motor are Miller valves which use a grease fitting instead of oil holes in the castings.  The cylinders are also from a dual ignition OXX-6 motor.  The second plug hole is plugged with what appear to be factory made slotted brass plugs.

Both motors were made by Willis-Morrow Company of Elmira, New York.  The better motor has Manufacturer's Number M3607 but is missing the Army acceptance tag.  The other motor is number M2753 and was accepted 15 May 1918.  Since they built 12,600 engines, M3607 was probably made about a month later.

The extra parts include a header tank for the radiator and various water and intake pipes.
The prop hub on the left is not for an OX-5 but looks like it may be for a Hisso.

Some Berling Magneto cores and parts.

3 Zenith Carburetors.

Water pumps.
Standard OX-5 valve mechanisms from the second engine.
Intake manifolds.

Overall this is very cool.  The next step will be to start soaking all bolts, pistons, etc. with Corrosion X.  The plan is to clean up, repair and organize each item as it's removed.  The bigger problem is how to get the motors to the attic.  I probably will have to break it down to cylinders and case in order to store it while I'm working on each piece.