Saturday, May 27, 2017

Improvement to False Rib Forming Tool

 I'm working on making a set of False Nose Ribs for the Hogan's WACO TEN project.  One of the things I discovered was that the bearings in the roller had worn out after about 600 pieces were made.  Back to Tractor Supply for some cheap new bearings.

 I also realized I could eliminate clamping the leading edge of the rib.  by changing the length of the small steel clamp which holds the tab in the slot, preventing the aluminum strip from sliding while forming, I can use it to replace the plastic clamp.
 The small tab was made just to hold the tab in the slot.  I made a new one which extends about 3/16" onto the formed rib.  At that point in the forming process the roller is pushing the ends down to start the form so the clamp is not in the way of the roller and I don't need to fool with an extra clamp, which was always sliding off anyway.

The clamp only touches the rib at the tip of the clamp.

1 min 23 sec video of rib forming.  The Blog software degrades the quality.