Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Getting Ready to Build the Wings

This project isn't dead.  In order to assemble the wings I needed more space in the attic.  The easy solution was to move the Fly Baby out and get it back flying.  I need a plane to fly anyway.  I might be able to finish the Cessna 140 faster but it is already out of the attic.  My current efforts are focused on getting our Fly Baby, which we originally finished in 1966, back in the air.  I had it in the attic slowly working on recovering it and making several improvements.

 This summer my neighbor Dan helped move the plane back out of the attic.  When We moved it up there 10 years ago it didn't seem nearly so heavy.  I think I'm starting to get old.

 We slid the engine down the stair railing and put it back on the fuselage.

 I've built a new cowl, repaired the engine baffles, and welded up a new tank.

 The grand kids helped put new fabric on the wings and rib stitching is done.  I'll keep applying tapes when we have warm dry days.  I should have it back in the sky this spring.
 I also bought a new head stock for the Shop Smith.  The 1983 motor overheated on short cuts so I couldn't cut out the spars, which I've had for years.  The new Mark VII head stock is amazing, it runs so smooth.  I also brought home my fathers support stands so I now have enough stands to have 2 in front and 1 behind the saw while cutting the spars.

I've also downloaded SolidWorks, the best CAD software, free from EAA.  I've finished training, and modeled my first WACO NINE parts and assembly.  There are some issues I still want to resolve by modeling the airplane in SolidWorks.  When I'm done there will be a full set of drawings for the next person.

This is PN 476.  The wing drag wires go through the copper grommets on each end.