Sunday, November 22, 2009

Elevator Ribs

Today I started making the ribs for the elevators. These are made of 5/16" tubing. After cutting them a little long I square one end on the belt sander and clean up any burrs.

Next I flatten the bottom of the tube hitting it about 30 degrees from vertical.

Then I turn the tube over and position the end so its 3/8" past the center of a heavy walled piece of 1" tubing, same diameter as the spar. By flattening the end on the tube you end up with the rib end shape needed. If its a little long just shorten it on the belt sander. About 4 whacks with the hammer and the whole job is done.

The other end is fish mouthed to fit the Trailing Edge tube.

One tube is square to the spar. The tube on the other side is offset about 1" at the trailing edge.

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