Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wing Rib Progress

Steady progress is being made on wing ribs.

14 of 14 Full Light Ribs for lower wings
4 of 4 Heavy Compression Rigs (1 per panel)
4 of 4 Full Light Compression Ribs (1 per Panel)
2 of 2 Half Light Compression Ribs for upper wings

The rest of the light ribs (stick built) are all for the upper wings 8 full length and 14 short (at aileron cut out).

I need to order some more spruce to make the rest of the ribs which are all made from solid 1/4" spruce, root ribs, wing walk and, 2 outboard compression ribs for the lower wings.

I also need to finish the fittings, most of which are drilled and cut out but, need filing, bending and welding.

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