Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last Light Rib

Happy New Year 2011
The last of the light (stick built) ribs is in the jig drying. When it's dry tomorrow I'll be able to trim up the nose and trailing edge on all of them, and sand all the gussets to soften the edges. I still have to build the 4 ribs at the wing tips and the solid root ribs. I'm nearly ready to cut out the template for the solid ribs. It's actually setting in the back of this picture.

The next big steps will be sawing, drilling, and routing the spar blanks which have been setting in the shop for 2 years. I've also got a tent set up in the driveway, for the Cessna 140 project, which I can use as a safe place to weld up the wing fitting assemblies, probably not safe to do in the attic.

All in all this should be a year when visible progress is made.

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