Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jenny Control Stick Parts

Yesterday John Gaertner and Jim Lachendro stopped buy to look at the airplane projects. I've been spending all my time lately on the Cessna 140 with vain hopes of flying it soon, soon is all relative. We went over to my brother-in-law's place where the fuselage is stored to look at it. John who's been making Jenny parts pointed out that the control stick castings were Jenny parts. I had assumed they used such parts to save money and because the planes they built before the NINE were made from surplus Jenny parts, but I've never spent any time researching Jennies. One of the parts just setting loosely in the fuselage was this Jenny casting which I don't think is used in the NINE. It was pretty dirty but with some Corrosion-X to loosen the bolts and some light cleaning it's now like new. . . There is some corrosion on the bottom of the mounting tabs where it was bolted to the plywood floor, but otherwise it's in excellent condition. One of the interesting things discovered after cleaning it was the stamps on the top of the one tab. They were probably done by an inspector or the person who machined the part. It would be amazing to find out who's stamps these were. The oiler had to soak in Corrosion-X all night to get it freed up. It now works almost like new. I'll soak it some more to treat the little bit of rust between the moving parts. It looks like it was nickel plated. Thanks for coming over guys, this was great fun, which is the point of such restoration projects after all.

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