Monday, October 24, 2011

Control Horn Assemblies

Now that I'm back working on the planes I need to get the tail surfaces welded up.  I've had the elevator setting in the jig for 2 years.  It's time to move on.  I also need to weld up the wing fittings.  Getting the tail surfaces all welded should get my skills back to a level I'd be comfortable welding them.  The first task was to weld the control horns together.  The small vicegrips from Lowe's worked great to hold the shells together.  I should have put bolts in the holes on the tabs.  I ruined 2 clecos. 

I also found I left to much of an edge to weld nicely.  All the literature says to leave about 1 material thickness.  I left about 1/16", 2 thicknesses, way to much.  At times it would melt around the edge leaving a blobby look.  I also found that that the tab ends were easier to weld with the center layer, of the 3 layers of metal, sticking out about 0.010".  The weld puddle is easier to form because you can get more heat into the middle piece.

The fixture I used for fitting the tube to the horn is used to weld the horn to the tube.  One thing I learned is don't form the end of the tube to fit the training edge tube until this assembly is welded.  Things move a little and you want the horn square to the spar tube.

I now have 3 assemblies welded, 2 for the elevators and one for the rudder if I can't repair the existing rudder.

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