Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bending Tabs on More Brace Wire Fittings

The rest of the drag wire fittings and the brace wire fittings for the stabilizer are now all bent.  The drag wire fittings are the stacks on the left. At each end of the spars there is a fitting with a bent tab at one end. The strut fittings and the ones to the inboard of them have tabs bent on each end.  There are a total of 6 wires, 3 drag and 3 anti-drag.  Steel form blocks were made, like the one for the strut fittings, for each of the different bends and the and the tabs hammered over them with an oak block.

The small fittings are for the 8 brace wires on the stabilizer.  I have the old ones still on the wires for the underside of the stabilizer but I may not use them if they are too rusty. The 2 on the left are bent 70 degrees and the other 4 are bent 20 degrees.  The shallow ones are at the ends of the wires at the stabilizer.  The 70 degree bends are for the ends at the top aft of the fin.  The fitting at the front of the fin fits over the pin and I still need to make it.  There is no drawing I can find for it.  The fittings at the bottom of the fuselage are welded to the structure unlike these which bolt on at the big end.

After I get the strut fittings welded I need to paint all of these and put copper eyelets on the ones where the cable loops through the holes.  The ones where a turnbuckle attaches don't get an eyelet.

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