Monday, February 16, 2015

Fuselage Is Now In The Attic

For over 10 years the fuselage has been stored in the attic of my brother-in-law's shop about 20 miles from our house.  Unfortunately he built a new shop at his farm and rented the old shop.  This morning in 16 degree weather as a big snow storm moved in we loaded the fuselage in the van and brought it home.  My neighbor Dan helped me carry it up to the attic and, hoist it to the ceiling with some pulleys and rope.  I added a few extra straps so it doesn't fall on the Fly Baby.

I now have 2 airplanes in the attic and the Cessna 140 in the tent in the driveway.  It had to come home eventually but I would have waited until the other 2 planes were back at the airport.  It is a little crowded in the attic.

It is nice not to drive 20 miles when I need to measure something on the fuselage.


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