Thursday, March 2, 2017

Improvement To Wing Fitting Weld Fixtures

 When I welded the original set of wing fittings I had trouble keeping the guide plate, for the strut fitting, centered between the spar fittings.  I realized I could use some cheap washers stacked on 2 of the spacer bushings to hold the plate loosely in the center.  A fist full of washers at Tractor Supply is about 50 cents.

I stacked enough washers on 2 of the spacer bushing then installed the guide plate and finished with more washers.

The washer stack needs to be a little shorter than the bushing, so the bushing does the spacing.

 The other fitting goes on and the nuts get tightened.

The strut fitting sets in the guide plate.

Four fittings ready to weld and the guide plate doesn't move around.

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