Monday, February 28, 2011

Old (Factory?) Tool & Drawing

We'll start with the factory drawing. This is the drawing made for the model TEN series of planes. Fortunately it is the same part used on the NINE. The only problem with it is 17ST aluminum sheet is no longer made. We've used 5052-H32 which is then additionally work hardened during forming .
At the 2007 WACO Fly-in at Mt. Vernon, Ohio Cliff Hogan flew home and brought back this forming tool which he believed was used at the factory to make parts. It appears to have a lot of use on it so it might be the tool. He also brought an original rib, very cool. Our effort was to make a tool based on the ideas in this one. We used these photos and a few others I took to figure this out.


  1. Thanks for the pics and the video. Very interesting. What material was the form made from. It looks like aluminum. And how about the rollers. Are they steel for both the forming wheel and the internal roller?

    1. Patrick,

      I just found this comment from last year. The form and the inner part of the roller are cut from a piece of 2024-T3 aluminum. The sides of the large roller are steel.