Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Short Half Compression Rib

The outboard compression rib on the upper wings is a short (ends at the rear spar) light rib with a compression stick glued on the inboard side. There are some blocks which get added to the nose rib after the gussets are all on so it fits the jig. I temporarily modified the rib jig to clamp the upper and lower sticks tightly to the solid nose rib. Some pieces of carpenter shims and scrap sticks made this easy enough for 2 ribs.

These more than the other ribs need to stay in the jig until the glue is set. I did use a few nails to help hold the nose sticks.

I also left the sticks long at the aft end until gussets are on both sides.

The gussets on the inboard side of each rib need to be trimmed before installing to fit the compression stick. I think it will be installed on the rib as the rib is installed on the wing to get the bolts in and make it all fit correctly.

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