Monday, February 22, 2010

Heavy Compression Rib Finished

With the 2 heavy members made I cut the 3 vetical sticks and the gussets to hold them in place. A lot of time was spent getting all these right since each has a different angle on each end. I suspect the factory used square cut pieces for this as they did on the light ribs. For sure the stick in the middle and the gussets could all be done as rectangles.

I made a board with some guides to hold every thing in position, not really a jig, while assembling the 4 ribs, 2 lefts and 2 rights.

The nose and tail sections will get installed on the wing to allow the main load bearing part to be carefuly fit between the spars as the wings are assembled. The edge of the nose and tail sticks get glued to the 1/4" web for about 5" past the spars. I'll come back to this when I put a wing together

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