Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rib Leading Edge Fixture

I want the leading edge stick to form a nice straight line when it's installed. Therefore the ends of all the ribs need to be cut to match. To do this I made a simple fixture to use on the table saw to cut the angle on the leading edge of the ribs. The cut is tipped 16.5 degrees from the spar which is both easy to locate from and relevant to getting the leading edge straight.

The references to hold the rib are the front and bottom of the spar, and the top of the rib at the nose. I've since removed the stop below the nose. The other 2 in front of the spar and at the top of the spar are just there so I don't grossly misalign the rib and ruin it.

I hold the top of the fixture with my finger tips and the bottom of the rib with my thumb while cutting and it all works very well. The next time you come back to do another stack of ribs it's easy to align the blade with the front of the fixture, just don't cut into it and slowly make it shorter.

The guide stick is glued and screwed to the bottom of the board and everything laid out from it.

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