Tuesday, April 1, 2014

12 Gauge (0.081") Ferrules Are Done

All the ferrules for the 12 gauge wires for the fuselage are done.  I've learned a few more things in the process.  I've updated the previous post for those who haven't read it before I wrote this one.
Each ferrule uses 7" of wire.  That's 40 feet of wire just to make the ferrules.  I also used wire at the start, to make mandrels (about every 10 ferrules), to make the pin and to make mistakes.  I probably used up another 20 feet of wire for all that.
The wire needs to feed in at about the angle of the pitch of the winding.  I adjusted the wire guide to keep the wire in the groove in the block while not getting gaps in the loops.
Here are the tools I used:
Dremel Tool with cut-off wheel
Length Gauge and Permanent Marker
Hammer to Push blade between coils
Stanley Knife Blade
Winder Bar
Awl for tightening Tap Handle
Needle Nose Pliers for Start Bend
Channel Lock Pliers for pushing blade between coils
Winder Tap handle

Here are the finished ferrules.  This is exciting.  On to the .125" wire.
I made a video of winding a ferrule.  It runs just under 6 minutes.  Unfortunately that's to long to upload to the blog so I split it into 2 videos.  
The first covers winding the 10 - 1/2 loops.  
The second covers cutting and finishing the ferrule.

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