Saturday, November 1, 2014

Brake Pedal Cable Clip

 The brake pedals mount to the back of the rudder bar and swing toward the center of the bar when pushed with your heel.  As a result the Clip to which the brake cable attaches is at an odd angle as explained in an earlier post.
 I used the Styrofoam model I made as a guide to make a fixture from a piece of 4x4 to make the welding fixture.  After truing up 2 faces as a reference to use in making all the cuts I cut the ends at 28 degrees, the side at 13 degrees.  The 15 degree twist was cut with the end setting on the table of the saw.

 A stick of wood across the bottom clamps the pedal to the block.  The clip is clamped in place ready to weld.

By cutting the 28 degree tilt at both ends the block works to make both left and right hand pedals.

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