Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rudder Bars are Finished

 The last weld for the brake pedals added the brace for the arm.  The cotter pin on the end of the brace keep the brace on the short end of the pedal and the pedal in the bearing tube.
 I sand blasted everything I could before making the last weld, to keep the grit out of the pedal bearings.  To clean up these last welds, without getting grit in the bearings, I wrapped the bearings with paper towel and masking tape.  I also cleaned everything I could with the blast going away from the bearings.  It worked well, no grit in the bearings.

 For John's rudder bar I only primed it.  He has some welding to still do to add mountings for his brake cylinders.

I painted mine with primer and black enamel.  The drawing showed black lacquer, but I think enamel holds up better. I baked it to get a harder finish.

It's always nice to have something finished.

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