Friday, May 25, 2012

Tack Welding Second Half of Stabilizer

You may have noticed all the holes and removable panels in my jig for the tail surfaces.  The idea was to be able to stand the jig up on edge to tack the bottom tubes.  The c-clamp keeps it from falling over.
The stabilizer is completely tacked, ready for welding.
There are 2 bushings in the front spar for the bolts which hold the front spar to the fuselage.  These bolts don't line up with the fuselage longerons.  The stabilizer front spar sets on top of the longerons and a block of wood is bolted to the stabilizer clamping it to the longerons.  The center on the top of the spar was marked like when I flattened the ends.  By using the same piece of paper wrapped around the spar, the center line was drawn around the spar to locate the bottom hole. I get more accurate holes by drilling from both sides than drilling all the way through. The Port-Align is clamped to some pieces of angle to hold the drill perpendicular to the spars.  The holes are drilled with a center drill to control the drill better.
The bushings, ready to weld, have been left a little long so they are easier to weld.  I'll grind them to length after welding.

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