Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stabilizer Spars & Ribs

The same flattening operation is used on the second end of the spars.  The only difference is that the blocks need to be clamped to the tubes so they touch just at the center line.  This way the 2 flattened ends come parallel.
 To assure everything fits when the stabilizer is flipped in the jig some sticks were used with shims to hold the tubes up straight.  Another stick was used to control the spacing between the spars.  I should have also used one to space the rear spar with the leading edge.  It all worked out without it but that was mostly dumb luck.  The length of the flattened front spar was filed until the spacer just fit with the spar and leading edge fit snugly.

 The 5/16" tubes for the leading edge were cut to length leaving about 3/4" extra.
 The ends at the rear spar were flattened as was done for the elevators.
The leading edge of the ribs were bent using the same bender I made for the elevator trailing edges. Once the bend was made the end was cut of at about a 45 degree angle starting a the top of the leading edge.  The cut side was then ground to a good fit with a 1/2" grinding wheel in the Dremel tool.

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