Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brake Pedal Arm Position

 The brake cable, or in John's case the brake cylinder is actuated by an arm (with small hole) welded to the brake pedal.  It is supported by the brace which is welded to the arm and fits over the short end of the brake pedal.  A cotter pin keeps the brace from sliding off the pedal tube.

The problem was how to hold this arm in the correct position while welding it to the pedal.

 I realized I could use a block of wood to hold the arm in place.  I've mocked it up from a piece of Styrofoam to see how to make it.

The arm tips forward 28 degrees.

It stands up at 77 degrees, or if you will, tips in 13 degrees.

Looking from the top it twists 15 degrees from the center line of the long tube.

 Here is the result of all those angles.  I think a wood block will work.  I'll cut it away near the weld area.  Even if it gets badly scorched it won't matter because I have to make separate block for each pedal to get a left and a right.

The brace gets welded on after the pedal is installed on the rudder bar.

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