Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rudder Bar Parts (Post 3)

The clamps seemed to be at their limit with the 0.035" walled tubing for the standard Rudder Bar.  The 0.049" walled tube for the bar with brake pedals is just too strong to flatten with clamps alone.  I replaced the 2 clamps at the end with my vise and it worked fine.  It didn't flatten it as straight a line as the thinner tubing, you can see the bend in the plywood blocks.  A little work with the rawhide mallet made it straight.
To align the second end I clamped a stick to the first end and aligned it with the jaws of the vice.

On the long tubes for the pedals the end is closed with a bullet shape.  The drawing doesn't give a clue how they did it.  I made cross cuts 5/8" deep to divide the end into 4 tabs.

Next I drew the shape I wanted for each tab to allow them to be bent over to the bullet shape

I cut the shape with the band saw by tipping the tube so I only cut on one side at a time.  You can also use the saw like a file to slowly work the shape.

The end hammered over nicely.  Now I need to weld is shut.
The pedal is "L" shaped except the angle is 82 degrees instead of 90.

 To make the miter cuts on the pedal tubes I cut the angle at about 45 degrees with the band saw and then used the belt sander to grind it to 41 degrees.  To set the miter angle I made a 41 degree gauge block.

You can see the angle of the "L" better in the finished parts.

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