Thursday, October 16, 2014

Welding Rudder Bar

 The brake pedal tubes form an angle of 82 degrees to hold them aligned while welding I made a fixture from a piece of 3/16" steel and some hose clamps.  I drilled and filed holes for the clamps.  I found that having the clamps tight to the fixture prevented the tubes from moving and made it easier to align them.

I left a 1/32" gap between the tubes. I thing about 3/64" would have made welding easier with 0.065" wall tubes.

 The little tabs at the end of the brake pedals are the heel stops.  They're made form 0.065" steel and are basically 3/4 of a round slug.
 I found an easy way to hold the Safety Stops on the ends of the Rudder Bar.  I just used a piece of 0.032" safety wire to hold them until I had tacked them on.

 To hold the Pivot Bearing square to the Rudder Bar I used the fixture plate from the Brake Pedals and bolted the Bearing Tube to it.  I put 1/4" spacers under the Rudder Bar and clamped it to the plate to hold everything while I welded it.  I was able to weld about 3/4 of the way around before I had to remove the fixture to get at the area it blocked.

To hold the Bearing Support tubes in place while I tacked them to the bearing I placed a small magnet at each end on the Rudder Bar.  Once they were tacked to the bearing I removed the magnets and tacked them to the bar and finished the welds.  We're getting there.

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