Friday, October 3, 2014

New Rudder Bars - Main Tubes & Clips

 Because the front of the fuselage was cut off, I didn't have a rudder bar for the front cockpit.  I was able to purchase one but it is bent.  I could straighten it but I've decided to just make a new one while making a bar for John LeBlanc.

 As part of my trade with John I owe him a rudder bar with heel brake pedals.  The factory made at least 3 different versions of this rudder bar.  The three versions I've found seem to be the same except for the length of the bar.  I've chosen the bar which is 28 1/4" long.
It looks just like the standard bar with the pedals added.  It's actually a longer bar and the main tube is made of 0.049" tubing vs the 0.035" tubing on the standard bar which is 25 1/4" long.
 I started by cutting lengths of tubing for the main tubes.

Next, the standard bar has small clips (tabs) to locate the rudder cables.  These clips are just pieces of 0.095" steel cut 3/8" x 5/8" with a #38 hole drilled 7/16" from the end welded to the bar.
 The end with the hole is rounded.  To do that, I drilled a hole in a scrap of wood and used the belt sander to round the ends like I did for the floor clips.

You can see here the cable attaches to a steel loop which is held in place by the clips.

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